To become a member of the Greater Dufferin Area Estate Planning Council (GDAEPC), applicants must be approved by the executive committee and meet the qualifications below.

A.  The applicant must have a place of business or employment in the Greater Dufferin area, which is deemed without limitation to include any location within the County of Dufferin, and

B.  The applicant’s occupation includes being a full member in good standing of:

  1. A Chartered Accountant, Certified General Accountant, Certified Management Accountant or Certified Public Accountant (Category: Accountant);
  2.  A Branch Manager employed by a Canadian Chartered bank, a Trust Company or Credit Union (Category: Branch Manager);
  3. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) involved in Estate and/or Financial Planning (Category: Financial Planner);
  4. A Barrister or Solicitor (Category: Lawyer);
  5. The Life Underwriters Association of Canada and having a CLU designation involved in Estate planning (Category: Life Underwriter);
  6. Other acceptable designation as approved by the executive committee (Category: Other).

Orangeville Court House: DCMA-P0050

OR if  1 to 6 above are not met, an applicant may be approved as an Affiliate Member (Category: Affiliate). This non-voting membership may include occupations within retirement residences, nursing homes, funeral homes and other organizations involved in Estate Planning as endorsed by the Executive Committee and approved by the general membership.

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If your qualifications are approved, final approval of membership will only be granted once the membership fee of $200 has been received. You will be contacted to provide payment after approval of your qualifications by the executive.

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